ten on ten in april | let’s party

ten on ten in april | let’s party

confession.  i missed last month’s 10 on 10.  i lost track of my days in march, but i’m back this month with a very special documentation on this 10th.  a third birthday party for a very special little guy.

finding a theme for this year’s party was tough.  he likes lots of characters and trucks, but nothing was special enough.  but like most good ideas, this one came to me when i wasn’t even looking for it.

first we decided that we were hosting the party in our home.  that let us to keep the invite list to family and family friends.  and that’s when it came to me.  his favorite thing to do with our friends is to go to the make your own ice cream sundae place… so ice cream party it was!  for the record, the only thing he gets on his vanilla ice cream is rainbow sprinkles.  he’s adventurous!

best part about an ice cream party is NO CAKE CRUMBS.  and… i don’t love ice cream, so no leftover cake means no bad snacking for mommy!

we expanded the party to include some magic by our amazing and talented friend the great lerdini!!!!  if you’re looking for entertainment for your party, i can’t recommend him enough.  his show is just awesome and entertained everyone from little kids to grandparents.

without further ado… here are ten shots from our baby’s third birthday party!

showing grandma her reading skills

her reading is off the charts and she’s really excited to show grandma how well she reads before the party starts!

girls doing magic

how many girls does it take to help the great lerdini with a trick?!?!

magician's daughter

when your daddy is the magician, you refuse to spill his secrets!!!!

alli helping the great lerdini at the party

apples are hard to hold up!

dean and the great lerdini

you don’t have to tell this kid twice to shove something in his mouth without chewing hahaha!

dean and his magic necklace

how did the great lerdini know that he’s so obsessed with necklaces?!

grandma izzi

grandma enjoying the magic show!

everyone laughing at bill

laughing at bill is a family pasttime…

it’s officially the start of party season at the lk house.  we’re hoping the weather warms up as it continues!

to inquire about your own party photography, please contact me for details!!!

to see another third birthday party, and to follow the blog circle for more great photography, check out sonia’s post today!!!

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