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when you live in long beach, ny and are lucky to be a modern photographer, the beach is a natural backdrop for many family photoshoots.  this style of photography is all about documenting your typical day at the beach.  these are not the days with matching outfits and crying children.  this is the sunblock in their hair, seaweed in their toes, and sand in places you didn’t know sand could get!

these are the days that are worth remembering forever.  when i was a child, i spent every weekend in the ocean with my grandmother.  when we got too wet and sandy, she would wrap a towel around us and change us into clean bathing suits with one hand.  i do not know how she did it!  i have tried this with my own children and always end up a mess!

i am not afraid to get into the ocean with your kids and capture their elation as the waves crash at their feet.  i was born with sand in my shoes and love documenting these days for my clients.

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lido beach lifestyle photographer | life, love and lacrosse everyone should meet tara, jeremy, caden & delaney.  i don’t know how it is possible that i had never met tara until our session, but she’s incredibly sweet and i have a feeling that if we hung out we’d be good friends!  (tara, call me, lets…

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Long Beach NY Family Documentary | this week in pictures 15-21/365 in our family the story of our everyday family continues.  it was a sick week around here, which means lots of runny noses, fevers and sleeping.  pajama days are my favorite part of sick days.  no fighting over what to wear, just comfortable jammies…

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long island family photographer | the affissio family holiday session of all of the inquiries i’ve ever received, this one might have been the coolest, and one of my favorites so far!  a representative from the  makeup company, bare escentuals (no… I did not spell that wrong!!!) contacted me through my website about a week…

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Long Island Family Photos | this week in pictures 8-14/365 a day in the life of the lksquared family is pretty mundane, but to me, photos capturing these moments are so important because if i don’t, i might forget them.  i mean really, most days i forget to brush my teeth until my iphone reminder comes on!…

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oceanside family documentary photographer | old friends sometimes i get to work with people that i love.  well… all the time i get to work with people that i love… but, sometimes i get to work with someone who i’ve loved since i was 6. meet the “b” family.  dad is surrounded by girls all…

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