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when you live in long beach, ny and are lucky to be a modern photographer, the beach is a natural backdrop for many family photoshoots.  this style of photography is all about documenting your typical day at the beach.  these are not the days with matching outfits and crying children.  this is the sunblock in their hair, seaweed in their toes, and sand in places you didn’t know sand could get!

these are the days that are worth remembering forever.  when i was a child, i spent every weekend in the ocean with my grandmother.  when we got too wet and sandy, she would wrap a towel around us and change us into clean bathing suits with one hand.  i do not know how she did it!  i have tried this with my own children and always end up a mess!

i am not afraid to get into the ocean with your kids and capture their elation as the waves crash at their feet.  i was born with sand in my shoes and love documenting these days for my clients.

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fire truck birthday party birthday party fun  has begun!  when i was conjuring up ideas for how to make a fun birthday for my baby boy my first thought was of course… a dance party!!!  haha.  he does love to dance.  ok fine, it was time to research boy things.  up to this point, my…

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PD turns 5 | long island documentary photographer “do you do birthday parties?” it’s a question i field often as a child photographer! my answer for a while was yes, of course! so many funny things happen at birthday parties, and if you know me or my work at all, you know, i’m into making…

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baby CRJ | documentary newborn photographer on march 9th, dani became a mommy. all of her dreams are coming true. i am so grateful i am a documentary newborn photographer and that i was invited down to tell the story of this special time in her life.  bonus.  i got to spend 4 days snuggling with this baby!

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family storytelling love | long island family photographer oh love. how you are so hard to find, even when you are bountiful. i’m blessed in life. my family is amazing, and yet still, when it is time to find a moment that exemplifies the love we have in our house, it is so hard to…

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hi!!!  happy friday the 13th!  how is it already the middle of february 2015?!  i can’t believe how fast time is flying by.  this morning, during ava’s tantrum, time seemed to be standing still… then she got on the bus and i think 3 days flew by!  it’s crazy, am i right?! today i want…

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long island visual storytelling | darkness photographers love light.  we chase it down behind the horizon.  we push our subjects close to windows and doors.  we go outside in subzero temperatures so we don’t miss it in the winter.  visual storytelling relies on the scene surrounding our subject to help tell the full story!

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