long beach, ny family photos | this week in pictures

long beach, ny family photos | this week in pictures


at the end of the day, no matter what the day has brought my way, i can always rely on falling asleep next to a tiny, incredibly hot, short haired, long nailed boy.  some people can’t sleep when their husbands are not in the bed next to them.  i can’t sleep when my chihuahua isn’t attached to me.  of course mister lk can share the bed, but the little guy gets closest!!!

in my photo a day journey, i hoped to be able to make pictures of the precious moments that i normally take for granted.  i wanted it to remind me to slow down and appreciate the things that are typically stressful.  things like sick babies, messes, regular funny stuff that happens all around me and i am usually too busy running around to take it all in.

sleeping baby on the playroom floor with the pup standing guard?  yup.  doing the tango with baby charlie in the early morning light?  you bet.  holidays.  zombie family.  morning spying for the bus.  check.  check.  check.

having family photos for my kids to treasure is one of my main goals in this photo a day project.  i do hope to be able to get to know your families and provide some treasured images for your children too, but i hope to encourage you to find the time to snap an image a day of your family and your life, because it is important to your future big kids to be able to see their real life.

portraits hold a special place on your wall, photos of real life hold a special place in your heart.

use your camera or use your phone.  just use something.  or contact me!

photo a day

baby sleeping on the floor with his dog

little girl dancing with her dolls on the couch in long beach long island

family of sick dad and kids at counter

family photos holiday hanukkah time

family lighting hanukkah candles long beach ny

little boy and his dog waiting for the bus in long beach ny

basketball game in the kitchen long beach ny

daddy and son opening hanukkah presents


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