personal project updates | long island family photos

personal project updates | long island family photos

june 1st huh?  month 6?  wasn’t it just yesterday that i started these personal projects for 2016?  it sure feels like yesterday!  so here’s a little check-in chat about how it’s going so far with the personal long island family photos projects i’ve started!

my p366:  i have made a photograph every single day since january 1st.  i have only had to fall back on my iphone once, and that was because i left the house for the whole day without a camera.  (mommy brain in full effect) last year i “phoned it in” a few times, but this year, i have been working on making more intentional images with my phone, so i’m feeling pretty good about having it with me in cases where i just can’t carry (don’t remember) the other cameras around!  it was a goal of mine to complete the year making images for this project with my nikon and my ricoh, and i’ve pretty much stuck to that.

long island family photos, personal projects, photo a day, 52 week project, one second a day

May 2016 Highlights

my kids united:  this week i noticed that my kids were barely together last week!  that is the exact reason i’m committed to completing this personal project.  they are always together, but always separate.  it’s a little nuts.

long island family photos, personal projects, photo a day, 52 week project, one second a day

my kids united highlights | january through may


i started these projects to focus on documenting your life this year with intention and creativity.  i think you know how much i love you, since i tell you about seven hundred times a day, but when you’ve got kids of your own, i hope they can see how much i loved you in this work.  i realize that lots of times i’m looking at you through a lens, but always remember that mommy has eyes everywhere.  through her lens and in the back of her head… so no… you can’t get away with everything, sometimes i just let you!  you’re welcome.

summer has begun, and this year, i have gone slightly off the deep end and decided to add another project to my list.  this one will be a video project, documenting your summer.  since you’ll both be in camp all day, it’ll be a fantastic compilation of post camp sprinklers, eating dinner and going to bed but i’m gonna try damn hard to find the beautiful parts of our monotony!

i can’t wait for you to see your finished long island family photos projects!  ok, yes i can wait.  time… slow the F down.



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