PD turns 5 | long island documentary photographer

PD turns 5 | long island documentary photographer

“do you do birthday parties?”

it’s a question i field often as a child photographer! my answer for a while was yes, of course! so many funny things happen at birthday parties, and if you know me or my work at all, you know, i’m into making photographs of funny things. then, i found myself at kid’s parties with a bunch of “smile, say cheese” and i decided this was not, not, not for me.

but i was missing so many funny moments!

now, i’m back at it, taking on clients who are looking for a long island documentary photographer to make images of their child’s special day. i don’t decide what day that is… you do… and if it is the birthday party you want, then it is the birthday party you’ll get!

i’ve been making pictures of little miss pd for about 5 years now! she’s pretty used to me being all over her life and it makes me pretty happy that her parents trust me to document their days.

she turned 5 in march and she had a very cool birthday party at party mania in valley stream, ny. the people who ran the party were great and they kept the kids busy and having fun the whole time. plus the kids got to make and eat their own pizza, and what kid doesn’t love that? the downtime was filled with decorating chef’s hats, balloons, a dance party, and the limbo (hi favorite party game!)

little girl and her dad at a birthday party

little girl making pizza in valley stream birthday partybirthday party at a pizza place

little hands making pizza

dancing at her birthday party

birthday party fun

long island documentary photographer

little girl doing limbo

little boy with face paint doing limbo

little girl in parachute

girls on parachute

beautiful girl at her sister's party

birthday cake and five year old

mother and daughter hugging

oh wait… did you think the party ended after that cake?!?!

this family parties all day and all night!  back at home there was a cake war.  oh how my long island documentary photographer self wishes it would have been a real live food fight!  but they aren’t THAT nuts over there!  this was a taste war.  would the chocolate fudge or the chocolate mousse filling taste better???

i can say that the jews in the room voted for the fudge and the italians voted for the mousse.  the fudge wins.  says me.

lighting birthday candles with wine in hand

cake wars

mommy and daughter dancing

little girls dancing in the living room

do you have a birthday party to plan?  you should totally check out party mania in valley stream!

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