on being thankful…

on being thankful…

this month has a tendency to be filled with tons of social media posts about how thankful everyone is.  i try to be thankful everyday, and in the spirit of honesty, some days, feeling thankful is a challenge in the middle of the chaos, but then i take a step back and realize that i am one of the lucky ones.  i get to do what i love and love what i do.

i’m cool with having one month a year to force myself to look at all the things i’m thankful for.  this year, i decided to list out 30 things i am thankful for today and everyday.  in no particular order.

  1. my job.  not everyone gets to turn their passion into their career and i got to do that.  after many years in a job that was pure torture, i feel blessed to get to use my creativity to make other people see and feel how loved they are.
  2. my husband.  there’s no one more supportive of all the dreams i have.  no one who knows what i mean when i can’t get the words out.  no one who i am more thankful for meeting in this world.  he has restored my faith in men and humans.  it’s true love.
  3. my house.  i love this house.  i put blood, sweat and tears into rebuilding it and it is truly my dream home.
  4. my vacuum.  i vacuum 3 times a day at least.
  5. lululemon.  i got my first pair of lululemon pants in 2009.  i still wear them 3 out of 7 days a week.  seriously.  without them i’d have no pants on most days.
  6. colourpop.  who doesn’t love inexpensive but beautiful makeup?!  i have about every blush and neutral eyeshadow they make!
  7. food blogs.  like this one.  for real.  her feta dip and her goat cheese roasted chicken are ridiculous.
  8. hulu, netflix, hbogo & showtime anytime.  as i work, i like to listen to bad tv.  i don’t know how this effects my productivity but it makes my day much more enjoyable so that’s something i’m thankful for!
  9. my mentor.  she knows how to find your strengths and point out your weaknesses in a way that encourages growth and development of this craft.  thanks isn’t enough and i have so much more to learn.
  10. having a daughter.  this is a job that has challenged me to my core.  i’ve called in reinforcements more times than i can count.  but seeing her strength and stubbornness has taught me so much about myself and the person i want to be.
  11. my cm friends.  i went to click away last year and met a fantastic bunch of girls who apparently had this little facebook group focused on photography!  anna invited me & it’s been love ever since.  we are a great group that is full of a healthy mix of support and enabling.  i haven’t gotten to meet many of them in person but that doesn’t mean i don’t consider them friends!  a few of us were working on pushing our creativity for the last few weeks and here are some images i’ve created while doing these exercises!thankful for running in the hallwaythankful for slow shutterspeed
  12. living in long beach.  i grew up here.  i never thought i’d be back, but this beach is magnetic.
  13. my friends.  the people in my life are really special & i am thankful for their friendships every day.
  14. bullet journaling.  the method of organizing that kept me on track this fall & keeps all my lists in one place!
  15. my flaws.  i have to be thankful for my flaws because they push me to be better and work harder.
  16. being mom to a boy.  from the operating table, i texted a friend saying “what the hell am i going to do with a boy????”  my boy has made this the best experience of my life.  he melts me.
  17. swimming.  it’s meditative.  it’s invigorating.  it’s no sweat exercise, and let’s be real, sweating sucks.
  18. sisters.  having sisters in this life has been a real rollercoaster, but at the end of the day, i wouldn’t have it any other way.
  19. microfiber cloths.  these things clean everything.  with my method granite cleaner & my vacuum, they are a staple in my hand all day.  when you put them on auto-refill on amazon to save some money, don’t forget to turn that off (twice) or you’ll end up with 400 towels.  somehow i use all of them!
  20. independent children.  my kids are wonderful.  they are also sometimes a-holes.  that’s reality.  i am so thankful that they have learned the confidence and independence to do age appropriate (and sometimes a little more than that) tasks alone.  if i have one goal as a parent, it is to make children who can navigate this world as responsible adults.  they have a long time until they are adults but until then, having children who can take care of themselves and others is awesome.
  21. my mom.  because she’s the best.  and because i don’t really know how i’d get through life without her.  because she gets that dean calls her his black grandma and laughs.  because i threaten to drop my kids off to her for good on a weekly basis and she never flinches.  really.
  22. my brother and sister in law.  uncle craig and hey erin and mister lk have the coolest relationship and teach me so much about my own kid’s relationship.  plus they are just awesome and everyone should have in law siblings like mine.  true story.
  23. hold onto you chairs.  my mother in law.  no really.  the amount of help she gives me is insane.  i’m really thankful for it.  she’s saved me from crying many nights when mister lk has been working super late and i just need a break!
  24. art.  in every form.  of every genre.  creative expression from everyone.  all those feelings inside you… let them out on paper, through sculpture, in music, through the written word.  do it.  let it flow.
  25. chocolate.  yup.  chocolate. is. everything.
  26. puppies.  big ones.  small ones.  mine.  yours.  all dogs.  they are just the best.
  27. sarcasm & cynicism.  i’m thankful everyday for everything in my life.  but sometimes, life needs a little eyeroll.  a perspective that isn’t jellybeans and butterflies.  because life isn’t always pretty and perfect.  sometimes you get puked on by your kid and there’s just nothing pretty about it.  other times, your baby boy will say “thank you mommy, i love the lipstick (chapstick) you put on my lips” and you want to bite his face off.  but you never know what you’re gonna get so i love that i’m always prepared with a perspective that both keeps it real and loves this crazy life.
  28. three letters.  GFY.  these three letters communicate the mood in our house and let mister lk know that it isn’t the time to F with me.  bonus.  our kids think it means “good for you”.  parents of the year.
  29. my ford flex and other cars with third row seating.  my kids and their friends have THE BEST conversations when they think no one can hear them.  the best place for secret conversation is clearly in the way back of the car.  mom’s superhuman hearing is immune to the car right?  i just get such a kick out of listening to them when they think i can’t hear!
  30. my life.  huge.  my life is a dream come true.  my life is a shitshow.  my life is mundane and chaotic and amazing all rolled into one.  everything i have, everything i am, everything i get to do, all my clients and family and friends.  living it authentically is so important to me.  at work and at home.  i am so lucky!!!!

happy thanksgiving everyone.

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