Documentary Family Photography is more than the photoshoot you are used to.  There are lots of reasons why!  One.  There's no cheese factor.  Rule #1 in documentary family photography.  Never say cheese!  

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Once you've realized that your real life is worth it, here's a little something to help you figure out just WHICH session is right for you!!!

An Hourly Documentary Session is for you if:

-  You love documentary photography but still, want a relaxed portrait of your family

-  Your husband hates smiling for the camera but laughs a lot

-  You aren't sure having someone with you all day will be too much

-  Your kids are in school during the day but you still want your morning or evening routines documented

-  You work all day and somehow manage the kid's schedules, housekeeping and husband's laundry in your "spare time"

-  You have an outing planned for the afternoon and want to be IN the photos doing all the Momming you do

A Day In The Life Session is for you if:

-  Your kids are home with you all day long, every damn day

-  You can't decide which is more important, the morning chaos or the bedtime tornado

-  You love documentary photography and want a peek at what happens behind your back when you are just trying to wash your face!

-  Your kids are driving you crazy but you want to remember all the ways, so you can show their children one day

-  Your husband found your coffee in the linen closet at 6pm because you lost it while rushing to get them out the door in the morning

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