long island family documentary | pizza + pooltime

long island family documentary | pizza + pooltime

one of the things i love about long island family documentary sessions, is seeing how other local families entertain their kids!  i don’t know about you, but i am pretty bad at finding fun things to do with my kids when school is over & camp hasn’t started! laura, vito, matthew & amelia had this thing well planned out, with smiles on their faces and a plan of attack!

i guess when your dad has perfected his pizza making technique, your mom lets you swim in 65 degree pool water and your grandparents are visiting from england, you can consider yourselves some lucky kids with lots to do!

did i forget to mention the 2 dogs?  the arnold schwarzenegger and danny devito of the family.  i’m a dog lover, so to meet two huskies who were so different and so cool was a real treat!

not all 2 hour, long island family documentary sessions, get to include so much family time!  when we first discussed the session and what was important to mom and dad, i learned that they love spending time together!  this is not the norm with a 12 year old and an 8 year old in the house!   i’ve mentioned before that having grown up with only sisters, i am always so curious about the brother/sister dynamic, and the way these kids got along was awesome!  this article from the times is a really great read about this relationship that keeps me guessing!

and so… here they are… two hours on a sunday evening with the avvinti family.


curb appeal

mom and dad prepping pizza

tall dog as something to lean on

big dog watching over family eating

long island family documentary

father and son making pizza

family documentary video games

grandma drinking wine from the bottle

reunited father and daughter

siblings eating pizza

make your own pizza night

family enjoying dinner together in long island

family eating dinner while kids play video games

dancing with the video game

dog stealing pizza from the table

good dog, bad dog

running upstairs to change into her bathing suit

malverne swimming

brother and sister swimming in malverne

summer pool fun after the rainstorm

documentary sibling portraitwhen was the last time you and your family were photographed?  what is the last photograph of yourself with your kids, doing something you love, that is not a selfie?!  please contact me by clicking here to tell me what is holding you back from scheduling a family photography session, or even better, to book your long island family documentary session! (or nyc, tri-state area!)

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