five minutes in our morning

** let’s pretend for a moment that the impending hurricane joaquin isn’t giving me a severe panic attack **

fall mornings, you are officially here.  in full swing and you will not get the best of me this year.  having two kids in school full day is on my side and i’m making time for me, for my work, for my  house and for my family.

i am not an early morning person and forcing myself to get up early just results in me yelling at these kids when i’m exhausted.  i’ve organized my life lately with the bullet journaling method and i don’t know how i’ve lived without it so long.  i suppose i’ve always done something similar, but having the organization and routine of listing and journaling in one has been a life changer for me.  scheduling my time has been a huge help in getting things under control!

mornings are chaotic if i don’t control things in five minute intervals!  dean’s bus comes very early, we have to get him woken up, changed & out the door before 8am.  once the bus pulls away, ava and i have a nice chunk of alone time.  we do the regular things like get dressed, brush teeth, eat breakfast & pack lunch.  some days i even have to shower during this time of the morning!

finding something for miss ava to do while i do my morning routine can be a challenge.  youtube kids is a rabbit hole of shopkins and kinder eggs.  that’s off limits.  or it was off limits until she showed me that she found a new yoga channel for kids!  this show walks kids through some basic poses while letting them explore new places in the world!

this morning ava went on a little yoga retreat to egypt!

five minutes in our morning

yoga for kids

visiting egypt and doing yoga in the morning

downward dog in the morning

five minutes in the morning

morning meditation

this was so cool.

i love how my kids surprise me all the time by being so much more mature than i think they are!  when she wanted to do this yoga routine again tonight, she told me “mommy, i want to go visit egypt and do more yoga so i can breathe and calm down my body.”

what morning routines help you get through your day?!

and while we’re at it… any lunch ideas for kids who refuse to eat sandwiches?????  i’m going insane coming up with ideas that she’ll eat!!!!

i am lauren, a family documentary photographer who enjoys taking five minutes in the morning to document my kid’s life & your kid’s life!  watching them for five minutes can show you so much about who they are right now!  if you’re interested in documenting a morning with your favorite little person, contact me to get on the schedule now!



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