family photography that makes you love your life

family photography that makes you love your life

most families have had their annual family photography sessions and have their holiday cards either mailed out or half labeled and waiting for the stamps.  (like me!)  they are all beautiful.  really and truly beautiful.  photos of your family might even adorn my wall all holiday season, and i will keep looking at them and think, these are really nice!

now i want you to look at them.  does your family photography from this year make you love your life??  they might make you think your kids are super cute. because they are!  they might make you completely in awe of how they seem to be smiling when you could have sworn all they did was scream and cry!  isn’t it amazing?!  they absolutely make you feel beautiful!  you’re gorgeous!!!  but do they make you warm and fuzzy about your actual life and all the little things that define your family?

if you are my clients they do!!!  nothing makes me happier than a client who tells me she was nervous she wouldn’t love her own family photography session as much as the ones she’d seen in my portfolio… and then… loves it so much more!

this is why i am so obsessed with documentary family photography.  i love when moms, who work so hard, can see their life and realize… not matter how hard it is or how tired you are, this is the best life for you.  or when dads work all week and finally get a chance to see how much their kids love time spent together.

it was a saturday afternoon in the raffo house and as they do every fall saturday, they were all dressed in blue and orange!  they rooted for their team as a family.  they played every sport i can think of.  they loved each other the way they do every saturday… quietly and kindly.  and on monday, while mom was at work, she realized just how special her life is and how much she missed her weekend life.

i hope you enjoy watching this little slideshow film of a truly wonderful family.

silhouette of mom brushing hair and carrying baby

little boy playing ball while sister teeth on a toy

baby girl laying on the floor

little brother jumping while little sister reaches out for him

dad and daughter on the sofa watching football

baby girl rolling on the sofa

multitasking watching football and playing

family on the sofa

playing catch on the couch

playing hide and go seek

ready for lunch

toddler boy acting silly with magnets

lunch with noodles

cleaning up after lunch during a family photography session that is focused on documentary images

exasperated toddler

dog waiting outside to be let in

Best Family Photographer on Long Island with florida college football fans

supervised game of catch

kid looking through dad's legs while playing soccer

i hope that in this coming year, you consider a new style of family photography with me!  i know it doesn’t seem like it is for everyone, but documentary family photography is a great gift to give your family and i promise that you will love the experience.

all sessions booked by december 31st qualify for the special pricing and include an album, still photographs and video.

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