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PD turns 5 | long island documentary photographer “do you do birthday parties?” it’s a question i field often as a child photographer! my answer for a while was yes, of course! so many funny things happen at birthday parties, and if you know me or my work at all, you know, i’m into making…

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hi!!!  happy friday the 13th!  how is it already the middle of february 2015?!  i can’t believe how fast time is flying by.  this morning, during ava’s tantrum, time seemed to be standing still… then she got on the bus and i think 3 days flew by!  it’s crazy, am i right?! today i want…

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family storytelling | visiting maryland a family wedding brought me down to maryland a few weekends ago, but that wasn’t the only thing i did!  this girl can’t resist a good family storytelling photography opportunity!

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long island visual storytelling | darkness photographers love light.  we chase it down behind the horizon.  we push our subjects close to windows and doors.  we go outside in subzero temperatures so we don’t miss it in the winter.  visual storytelling relies on the scene surrounding our subject to help tell the full story!

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new hyde park family photographer | day family visit i spent a lot of time as a kid in my dad’s office.  my earliest memories there were with  my sister, playing underneath the desks, painting with white out on post it notes (and the floor) and making all the women laugh (or cry?).  the office…

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long island family storytelling | mess the second installment of the 52 week challenge is mess. if there’s one thing i know about, my kids know about, my life is full of… it is mess.  we’re pretty much professionals!

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