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a long island family photographer who specializes in unscripted, unposed, uncensored photography of everyday family life.  I mean everything from the traditional family, best friends, partners, girlfriends or roommates.  whatever “family” means to you. I record what happens naturally.  this is called documentary family photography.

I come to your home, or meet you at the park, the beach, at brunch or a location you choose.  I make photos as you and your family interact.  you get to be exactly as you would be, on a day when a photographer was not present.

I want these photos to capture the true essence of your family.  your relationships and the stage of life you are currently experiencing is worth remembering. I want it to be real.  in all of it’s tantrums and messy, teary, silly, beautiful glory. I want to capture this chapter in your story.  I want you to look back and remember exactly how it looked and felt at this very moment.

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long island visual storytelling | darkness photographers love light.  we chase it down behind the horizon.  we push our subjects close to windows and doors.  we go outside in subzero temperatures so we don’t miss it in the winter.  visual storytelling relies on the scene surrounding our subject to help tell the full story!

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new hyde park family photographer | day family visit i spent a lot of time as a kid in my dad’s office.  my earliest memories there were with  my sister, playing underneath the desks, painting with white out on post it notes (and the floor) and making all the women laugh (or cry?).  the office…

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long island family storytelling | mess the second installment of the 52 week challenge is mess. if there’s one thing i know about, my kids know about, my life is full of… it is mess.  we’re pretty much professionals!

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Family Photojournalist Long Beach, NY | this week in pictures 36-42/365 family photojournalist the first week of the new year!  this is the slow time of year for a family photographer.  the holidays are over, the money is spent, and everyone is feeling at least 5lbs more!  no one wants a camera on them in…

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52 week challenge 2015 | lksquared photography you might think, with all the challenges i have going on this year, that i am a particularly competitive person.  that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  but i do love me some community building and my project365 challenge has gotten me involved with an amazing group of…

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