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Long Beach Day In the Life Family Photos | this week in pictures i’ve been slacking in documenting a day in the life of us. i’ve been uninspired in my personal life. if i don’t show you who i am, how can i ask you to show me who you are? here we go…365 days…

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oceanside family documentary photographer | old friends sometimes i get to work with people that i love.  well… all the time i get to work with people that i love… but, sometimes i get to work with someone who i’ve loved since i was 6. meet the “b” family.  dad is surrounded by girls all…

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oceanside day in the life photography | the R family oceanside day in the life photography is all about the everyday, the mundane, the absolute best parts of life.  i had the extreme pleasure of photographing a day in the life with “the rumms”.  mom and dad are teachers with two of the cutest, funniest little…

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nyc family storytelling photographer | the kim family being so close to nyc is amazing.  i get the beach at home and the culture of the city whenever i want!  now that i am a nyc familiy storytelling photographer, i feel even more grateful that i get to meet so many great families in nyc!…

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family beach photography | the n family comes to long beach i met alissa and graden at mommy and me for our little boys.  when she told me she was looking to get some family beach photography for her parents and in laws as a gift, i told her that i would love the opportunity…

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