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  • i am a mom of 2 humans + 1 chihuahua + 1 giant feline.  our own perfect mix of trouble!
  • my husband and i met when we were 16 and got married when we were 29.
  • i love: writing, reading, vacuuming, all things water, freckles, maxi dresses, my lululemon yoga pants, red wine, spring & fall, lowercase letters, making art and therapy.
  • i'm the oldest of three girls.
  • my grandma was my best friend.
  • i love the light, but am inspired by the darkness.
  • perspectives and finding new ones is the entire reason that i make photographs.
  • i've got a crazy life and i love it, but sometimes i want to hide in the bathroom!

some places my work has been featured:

MY FAMILY my friends DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY new york MY DOG my kids HOT CHOCOLATE muffins BACKYARD GET TOGETHERS people who help others MY CAMERA my husband SCANDAL big family dinners TRAVELING meeting new people BATHS 

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