10 on 10 in february | in the shadows

10 on 10 in february | in the shadows

in the shadows, i find the best surprises.  winter this year has brought us flat, boring light and schiztophrenic temperatures.  we are hanging out in our pjs, having playdates with friends and with each other.  we’re plugging in more that i would like to admit, but it is our truth!

this 10th of february 2016 was a school day.  a school day after a sick day!  and when i say sick day, i mean the weirdest sick day in the history of my kids!  “mommy, my throat hurts, which is making my stomach hurt and my nose… MY CHEEEEEEEEEK”  who’s cheek hurts out of the blue?  the kid was hysterical.  like… almost took her to the hospital in pain, but i could just imagine that conversation in the er. “hi nurse.  (shreiking screaming in the background) her cheek hurts.  no i don’t know why.  no she didn’t bite it.  NO I DIDN’T SLAP HER!!!!”  so we did the motrin and sleep in mommy and daddy’s bed thing which seemed to help.

so the next night, on the 10th, we went with distraction for the theme of our night, in complete fear that the phantom cheek pain would be back.

here are 10 photos taken on our evening of february 10th 2016.

little girl watching the ipad in the dark


entering big sister's room

she has a little helper to do all her heavy lifting!

little brother touching the fishtank

always touching something he should be…

playing in the dark

must keep the door closed at all times.

kids schemeing and jumping on the bed

before we moved her bed into her brother’s room, there would be one last diving party in her room!

big sister thinking about jumping on her brother

what to do when your brother just won’t get out of the way?

jumping with their shadows

dancing with their shadows

big bad chihuahua head

into the mouth of a giant chihuahua shadow. he’s never looked so scary.

kids dancing in the dark

this is my life in the shadows.

when they set up the ipad flashlight, i was happy they were plugged in.  they found their shadows and made something out of nothing.  i love seeing them be creative, even if it does involve throwing themselves off the top of the headboard and bouncing!

in the shadows of the 10th of february i found a light in my children’s eyes.  i found fun on a night i thought i would leave them to play alone.  and i found relaxation in hanging out with these nutjobs in my very own nuthouse!

ps.  turns out miss a has two brand spankin’ new molars.  one on the right and one on the left.  the perfect reason behind her cheek hurting!  at least that mystery is solved!

next month i hope to make it into the blog circle, but since this month i missed the deadline, go check out cindy’s 10 on 10 and follow the circle around!


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